Various Artists - Autumn Nights vol.1

Written by Admin on 11 July 2012.

This is the first compilation of the series for every season released by Insomniafm Records, specializing in progressive, tech house and techno sounds. The main genre of the Autumn Nights vol.1 is progressive house and provides explicit goal to break boundaries and explore new ideas..Since day one the company has focused on looking for fresh and quality sound of today, and aims to push the up and coming talents to pave their way into the international dance music market.

With the deep space atmospherics and intricate sound assembly of the era's minimalism giving way to heartier house and big-boned warehouse techno, however, there's an obvious temptation to wonder about the future of this series. Admittedly, it appears to be an aesthetic in severe popular decline and yet for those of us who've always nourished a love for the restrained textures of the period, the word that the label would finally return with its first compilation in the Autumn Nights series. The compilation is structured in 2 CD's who deftly melds tracks from long-time associates.

Volume 1's 16 tracks, all-new material, that's astonishing about them is just how different they are from one another. The producers entrance and drums of the tracks tumbling over themselves, trying to ensure the snare drops on the four. With the progressive sounds from Mattero Monero, Wez Saunders, Oscitone, Franzis-D, Dualvison, Dockoff, Coldberg, Fabio T. emphasizes the tracks as stand-alone productions rather than segues within a greater body. The result is the IFMR029CD1 disc assembling eight exclusive tracks of the label's heady percolations, and a hit-to-miss ratio in line with the label's heyday. 

CD2 brings Alexander Anufriev, Rootless & Stockhammer, Adobe, Ruca Apple, T-Dallas, John Ov3rblast, Coslow and Massimo Tn and there's a whole lot of deliberate and sparse bass music to process at once. While it's always pleasant, and its quality level rarely dips below above average, it's a mammoth undertaking to get through in its entirety. On this CD we also can find techno tracks so woozy and supple with flashes of keyboard wandering around a quick kick.

The music here is loud in volume and visceral in force, the sheer size of each element large enough to make things sound cluttered. But there's also a simplicity to everything, each track relying on little more than a bassline, a drum pattern, a keyboard or horn loop, and some sound effects. It's the amplification of each element that accounts for this label's dynamic sound. And it's the breadth and impact of this compilation that makes Autumn Nights vol.1 output a prospect worth getting amped about.

Label: Insomniafm Records
Cat: IFMR029
Released: October 5th, 2011
Style: Progressive House

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