Ruca Apple - Decided to Believe

Written by Admin on 13 July 2012.

The EP of Ruca Apple starts with the track called "Decided to Believe", a powerful techno track smashed performer in a gentle shriek that chirps semi-manically, while string-like pads soar, all carried through an end-of-the-world epic chord progression. In the darker side of future synth pop dons an iridium visor and boards a spacecraft before engaging a warp drive into tomorrow new vibes.

IFMR024On Fabio T. remix we can hear the heavier the intro rattles like a beefed-up "Spastik" but this is soon drowned in a fully charged pummel of battering white noise, growling bass and an exhaustive selection of drum samples. It loses some of the quirk that characterizes his best material, but in its place is an unrelenting assault on a magnitude that rivals the techno sounds.

The opening bassline from "Sleep Paralysis" is caked in grit and subterranean shank, wobbling and warbling through a hypnotic set of permutations and goes even further toward the conceptual, playing with synthesis in a way that hasn't been heard since the first of her track released.

The remix of Fabio T. is more unique, with sharp air-intakes in place of claps. When claps do appear later on, they're less regimented than usual, appearing in a frantic, flamenco-like pattern. Quasi-psychedelic growls are used sparingly, bridging between verses and catching the ear. What's most important, however, is the rapidly revolving melodic sections.

Label: Insomniafm Records
Cat: IFMR024
Released: September 12th, 2011
Style: Techno

Ruca Apple App

Ruca Apple APP

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