Ruca Apple - Live Out A Fantasy

Written by Admin on 13 July 2012.

"Live Out A Fantasy" is the second release on Ruca's new imprint, offer no compromise to the uninitiated, but the record should be warmly received by fans eager to hear some gritty new stuff from the her vibes. Ruca Apple continues to inspire people as a producer/dj with what many define as a “bold and delicate” sound that is always delivered with lovely looks and a charming killer smile.

IFMR051Turn it up and you'll hear how every third kick is accented, and while other percussive elements play out in common time, the emphasis is firmly on the polyrhythmic hypnosis created between those drums and a nervous rash of offbeat bleeps. Ruca Apple handles the sounds on the flip, and he opts for a heavily swung 4/4 rhythm that sounds just a bit smoother than the original. Still, her effort holds more peak-time potential: among the jagged chords and creepy-crawly bits of sound that scale upward and downward and slowly lets loose a series of climactic choruses. The aim of the tracks is obvious—to modulate your brain until it's a pile of mush on the dance floor—and these "Live Out A Fantasy" have clearly hit the right frequencies.

This second album of Ruca Apple is even more driving, losing the wiry synth in favour of supernatural atmospherics and a simpler off-beat stabbing. The tracks are relatively simple, but they're so well put together that you may believe otherwise despite the complete absence of percussion early on. It also feels like an impending stampede.

Label: Insomniafm Records
Cat: IFMR051
Released: March 12th, 2012
Style: Techno