Fabio T. - You Drive Me Angry

Written by Admin on 10 July 2012.

Deliberate scarcity is an excitant—if it's in your line of vision, it makes you crave more. Following on from the sure hand demonstrated by Fabio T.'s quality releases, Acid Love and The World of Techno—every bit as old-school indicates "You Made Me Angry" starts out with a slow-building percussion match and then, two minutes in, it breaks down to a three-note keyboard hook, later joined by bass and a friskier hi-hat rhythm, that buoys things considerably. But once that initial jolt fades, that's about it—it's a nice, old-fashioned house groove, but it's one that more or less plateaus out.

The flip, Franbeats Remix builds more gradually, it's lush in a very mid-'90s kind of way—boxy bass, sighs and exhales forming a deep backdrop, tense pads—and when the first cymbal crash brightens the sound picture about two minutes in, there's a jolt—finally, the beat will drop for real. Stockhammer Remix almost manages to escape from the dance floor, practically flails around whatever floor is brave enough to play it; the rippling drums can barely stay afloat on the turbulent layer. It's all pale tones and dead thuds until a distracting and gleefully stretched synth knocks the track off its axis.

IFMR025Ruca Apple remix has an open cavern of space in between a sub-monobass, airy pads that flow between disturbing and soothing, a punchy dubstep skank, and flittering congas. It's an individualistic lunar groove, which completes a very tasteful piece of wax indeed.

"Life After Death" by Fabio T. have more power, more vibes and goes directly in a dark side of running to straight-ahead dance is combined with much less obvious nuances, whose nature lead to an unsettling effect that's all the more deeply affecting. Dualvision remix provides a plucking quitars and chunky double bass, those two are ever-so-slightly yet significantly falling over each other, loosely flopping with a lack of spinal support. Dissonance, and the familiar rough clattering, shivers just on the edge of perception; but we're lulled into a false sense of security by the snug midrange.

Label: Insomniafm Records
Cat: IFMR025
Released: September 17th, 2011
Style: Techno